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Hi y’all and welcome in! We are two sisters, Lexi and Lauren, otherwise known as Lex and Lo, who have a passion for people and all things fashion and lifestyle. We started our blog in October of 2017 with hopes to inspire AND empower women no matter what season of life you’re in. We currently have a long distance relationship. Lauren is located in the city of Austin, TX. while Lexi is attending Texas A&M in the College Station, TX.


I’m the “big sis”! I’m always looking for fashion on a budget (you can find me at your local TJ Maxx). I love to travel, get dressed up just for fun, and dance like no ones watching (even if they are). I binge watch Netflix series with no shame and eat queso like it’s going out of style. I am a former student of Texas A&M University class of 2018 can I get a whoop? I have recently launched my own marketing brand, LoCo Marketing, specializing in social media, content, and design. I would say I am more the left brain of the operations and Lexi is the creative that’s why we’re the perfect team.


I’m 20 going on 30 as a sophomore in college. I am somewhat of a shopaholic and will literally shop till I drop. When I am not studying or looking for a new DIY project, I spend most of my time with my two fur babies, Rocky and Ella. I have been a fan of the blog world since a phone was put in my hand and I couldn’t be more excited to be on this journey with one of my best friend, my sister!


Lex & Lo