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Planning A Bachelorette Party in Miami

First things first: Planning a bachelorette party is so much fun but it can be hard to know where to start. You may have an idea of where you want to go but how do you coordinate, decide a theme, budget, etc? I put this post together from my experience planning my best friend’s bachelorette party in Miami, Florida. Our theme was “Nautical” because we were by the beach and we rented a boat also I knew we wanted to keep it classy while still getting a little wild.


Use Hopper to book your flight – You put in the dates you’re traveling and this tracks your flight options to get you the best deal. Also, a group message is the best way to communicate and get everyone on board. Be upfront about costs of the stay. We split it between everyone but the bride but this is different for everyone!

Stay at an Airbnb

I would highly suggest getting a house – it is a more affordable option and it can accommodate a larger group. Also, ours had a pool which was a fun place to hang out without having to go out. We stayed here. Our host, Natalie was fabulous and the house was so homey + looked like it was out of a magazine. View “Bamboo Bungalow” Luxurious Oasis in Miami

Book a Private Boat or Yacht

We used they have a lot of different options. We had captain Joe, who was very accommodating! He took us on a tour of the “rich and famous” homes, stopped by a sandbar, and even grilled for us. Plus the sailor’s hats were a fun touch.


Gianni’s for Dinner. This is a must – the restaurant is in the historic Versace Mansion and is 100% worth the price tag. The winner dish was the filet mignon. I loved the truffle mash potatoes. Also, we sat in the courtyard and it was beautiful you can also view the pool area that is straight from the Netflix Documentary. We also did the white/black theme that was fun for pictures. Here are the sashes we wore. Custom bride sash from Etsy.

Take out: We ordered in one night (actually two that’s how good it was) from Tatore Ristorante Italiano. The fettuccini Alfredo and pizza was to die for.

Theme & Decor

Esty & Amazon were my best friend! With traveling, I had to pack light also the house was already cute itself so I didn’t want to overdo it but I still wanted to do some decor.

Bachelorette Decor Bundle

Ring Pool Float

Bachelorette Bundle Games. This had beer pong, charades, never have I ever, quiz the groom, and a few more that were fun!

Polaroid (I already had) & Film

Let’s get Nauti Banner

Nautical Confetti


We used Instacart and Drizzly to get it delivered to the house. This eliminated an extra two uber trips and it was nice to track how much we were spending also.

Hangover Kits

The bride found these bags on Amazon and I filled this with the essentials: Advil, Makeup Wipes, Scrunchie, Gum, Mini Advil, cooling eye packs, & a mini fireball shot. All this I found at target or dollar general!

Ring Finger Gift Bags

Metallic Tattoos

Grooms Head Custom Tattoos


Because Extra is my middle name… But it ended up coming in handy. I found a tripod with a bluetooth clicker so we could all get a group pic. You can find it here.

Natalie got everyone a custom cup we could drink out of the whole weekend off Etsy.

If you’re planning a bachelorette party during a pandemic (hello 2020) I found this bulk pack of black masks on Amazon.

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